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        Choose us         reason The choice of the reputation of electrical                      appliances Six reasons 6

1Through the national quality management system certification

As a production enterprise integrating scientific research, development, production and management, China real tuoda has passed iso9001-2008 quality management system certification.

2Focus on the production of vacuum equipment

With our unique and effective creativity, with the continuous pursuit of perfect technology, good products to persuade every customer.

5The production line of excellence

The satisfaction of users is the persistent pursuit of tuo da ren. It is our eternal belief to keep growing with our customers. The company now has a variety of large-scale specialized equipment and exquisite technical personnel.

6Rich vacuum equipment industry experience

Our products have been exported to Russia, kazakhstan, Ukraine, Korea, Bangladesh and more than ten countries and regions, contributing to the development of these areas.

3 group of technical people formed by the craftsman spirit

All employees of toda vacuum are enthusiastic and infatuated with the vacuum. With our rich industry experience, we are constantly developing more innovative products to promote the progress of China's vacuum field.

4Cooperate with customers all over the world

The enterprising staff, the elite technical team, the production line, the strict inspection requirements, has created a rising industry than the peak of the wings.

About us

Shenyang zhongzhen tuoda technology co. LTD

It is a national high-tech enterprise dedicated to researching and designing complete sets of vacuum equipment, integrating scientific research, development, production and management. At present, the company has dozens of patents in various countries. It is a science and technology enterprise that has developed and successfully applied in the field of high-voltage electricians by relying on its own technical strength, and is one of the manufacturing bases for the application of vacuum equipment electricians in China.

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